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About Us

High Technology Software and Automation Engineering

Use Computer Science to design smart solutions and to improve technology applications 

We build reliable, safe and scalable Automation Systems that enable our clients to support both traditional and next generation applications as well as to safely design and simulate complex functionalities, thus realizing their strategy following the progress of the Digital World.

Pioneering Precision in Industry

At Simfactory Automation, we craft algorithms and machines that resonate with elegance  in unison. Our software isn’t a mere tool; it’s the symphony of efficiency, seamlessly orchestrating processes for businesses worldwide.

High Level Software

Simfactory Automation provides a continuative research of high level softwares, which mantains high standards in the most advanced coding process.

Automation Control

We care about simplifying complex sistems and transform them into smarter ones. Explore the innovation also with our 3D Headset and embrace Virtual Reality.

Architectural Design

Simfactory explore Software innovations also in SimCreative ways! Explore our Cad Plugins for your Architectural projects.

Great Imagination

We are building dreams and seeing further into the future. There is no knowledge we are not capable of achieving.


Digital World

Support the design with advanced intelligent funcionalities

Use virtual commissioning to replicate the behavior of a physical manufacturing environment with a software system

Close the gap with a bridge between the physical and digital world

Enlight your imagination! Create a connected, intelligent world.

Have you ever heard about Software Automation?


Study what we're hungry for.

The main reason why you should trust our work is because we are building something we are fascinated of, packed in a way which can be offered to you in the most simple and enjoyable view. There are unlimited possibilities to built what you’ve ever dreamt of.

Software Engeneering is a way to understand reality and its own peculiar mechanisms. What’s beside the virtual reality is orchestrated by binary numbers and careful people which love to know their unlimited possibilities.

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